Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gonna offend someone . . .

First, let me offer my completely insincere apology to anyone that I might offend.
 I had my travel agent in MA  rolling on the floor this evening. I had a desperate customer contact me this afternoon. Their entire factory is shut down because they have only one of our instruments, depend upon it, and it has failed. I was supposed to be going home tomorrow morning but apparently that aint gonna happen.
“Hey Betsey, I hate to drop this on you at the last second, but I need you to cancel my flight home and redirect it to another customer.”
“Okay, where are you at?” she asked
“Yeah, I’m in redneck central.”
“Well all righty then, where are you going?” She laughed.
“Hillbilly heaven.” I told her with a straight face/voice.
“OK, really, where are you and where do you need to go?” she asked when she stopped laughing.
“I’m in Knoxville TN and need to go to Huntsville AL.” I told her with my best Army tone.
“Well all right, give me a second.” She said, and then I waited while she looked for our options.
“Say, do you think I can learn how to play banjo tonight before I go?”
It took her a good solid two minutes to stop laughing . . .


  1. I want to be you when I grow up! :)

  2. Kim -

    You have a great way with words. Hopefully, they won't be playing the theme from "Deliverance" on your next flight....


  3. Funny never been to the states but I understood what your on about - brilliant! (Must have been all that American television while growing up..)

  4. Still chuckling ....too funny .....hope you packed your Daisy May's.........................Debra

  5. It does seem that humor could use some revival now that we are living in the age of the easily offended snowflake. It is refreshing that you and your agent could have such an enjoyable repartee.

  6. Why is a banjo better than a ukulele? It burns for longer.
    What is a definition of perfect pitch? Getting a Banjo into a skip from 20 yards.

    Sounds to me as though you really need your sense of humour!

    1. OMG - ok, that right there was funny!

  7. ......and if they couldn't find you a flight, you could always go to Toys R Us and get a red wagon. No power needed, the natural suction of Alabama would get you there.

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